Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Welcome to my Green Clean Home blog - where I will post my findings and thoughts on making my (and your!) home as healthy and chemical-free as possible.  I have been doing a LOT of research into how damaging household chemicals can be for us and our loved ones and really kicked it into overdrive when I began using Norwex products more and more....I am a huge skeptic and these products and claims could not possibly be true.  Cleaning (really cleaning!) your home using a special cloth and only water?  Nope.  Washing clothes in only 1 tsp. of detergent...that had no flowery scent?  Come on!

So I set out in search of horrible reviews, disappointed customers, stories of failures and Norwex dreams totally dashed....but found...nothing.  Sure I've found some people indifferent to the cloths but I still can't find one horrible review of the products.   In my searches, however, I began to dig deeper into ways to make my home as chemical free as possible for my family - so I won't be focused simply on Norwex here (though I do love it so much, I joined on as a consultant late last night!) but all different ways to live simply cleaner.

Do you have experience with Norwex or trying to be more conscious of the chemicals you are exposed to on a daily basis?  Tell me in the comments below!

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